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How to Boost Your Intuition!

Do you often know something about a situation or person, but don’t quite know how you know?

Do you sometimes have a ‘gut feeling’ about what you should or shouldn’t do?

Do you feel you are intuitive, but don’t quite trust it?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you are ready to learn more about how to boost your intuition.

Our intuitive sense is like any of our physical senses, it helps us to perceive our environment and make decisions accordingly. Wouldn’t it be great to feel that you had inside information about any situation that you found yourself in? Well by developing your intuition you will have!

Quiet your mind • Tame the wild monkeys! ~ Take some time each day to experience silence and stillness. Use guided meditations, breathing techniques, yoga nidra, mantras, anything that will help you to detach from your thoughts. Your intuition communicates through symbols, feelings and metaphors, but you’ll only hear it if your mind is not overfull with busy thinking. Is your mind here, now? Or are you thinking about the past, or worrying about the future?

Our inner dialogue, that voice inside our head, is what shapes our reality. This is so important that I want to say it again- that inner voice, is shaping your reality. So if it’s unfocussed, then your life may appear to be more random than ordered. If your mind is running out of control, then your life may feel the same way.

Most people don’t realize that we are not our thoughts. We live lives that are a reflection of our thoughts, but we are free to change them at any time. If we change our thoughts, then our energetic pattern changes, our vibrational point of attraction changes and so we get different results, and our lives change. The challenge is that our thinking is a habit. And in order to change a habit, it takes focused effort, they say, for about a month until the old habit is transformed into a new way of thinking, doing or being.

The key is that we can change our habits and our habitual ways of thinking. As changing our thinking, changes our life experience, it is one of the most important aspects of ourselves to address. If your thoughts are your friends, then you have nothing to worry about, but if you have cultivated an inner-critic, then it’s time for a change!

Look at your beliefs, thinking, & expectations ~ Do you expect to be intuitive? Do you believe the world works in a certain way? Generally, we only know our way of doing things, our ways of thinking. We think that our beliefs are true when really they are just patterns of thinking that we inherited from our family and society. Open your mind to other possibilities. How can your beliefs be transformed to better serve you?

Tackling our mind necessarily means looking at our beliefs and the expectations that are associated with them. Often we don’t even ‘see’ our beliefs, just as a fish doesn’t see the water. We just think it’s The Truth, the way things are, the way life is, the only way. And then sometimes we meet someone with exactly opposite or strongly opposing beliefs to us. Although our default reaction may be one of defensiveness, it’s actually a great learning opportunity. If you open your mind, you will see how they believe just as strongly as you do, the truth in what they are saying. You will hear them say that they know it to be true, and then they’ll tell you of all the evidence that they have experienced to prove it so. And this is the irony of life! It will be true… for them. The Law of Attraction ensures that we attract more of what we think about, what we expect and what matches our vibrational offering. So what we believe comes true! Knowing this, you will realize just how important our beliefs are, so choose them carefully! Ask yourself, “Do my beliefs support the life I want and the person I want to be?” If the answer is no, then ask yourself what you would have to believe so that the answer would be yes.

Journal! Have some breakthroughs, shift some energy ~ Writing out our thoughts and feelings helps us to get a new perspective on our beliefs. We then have a choice to release old ways of thinking, which makes space for new more uplifting ways of being. Journaling also helps us to uncover the blocks and stuck energy we may be carrying but not even realize. It’s also a way to release inner messages, insights and hidden knowledge. You decide how the world works, and then the universe matches your expectations. You want to be intuitive? Then set your intention to be.

Writing out our thoughts and how we perceive our lives to be, helps us to see our beliefs more clearly. It may be that once they are on paper and you are shining a light on them, you can see how inappropriate they are or how they really just don’t match your life experience. An example of this is when people strongly believe that what we can see is all that there is, and yet when journaling they start to realize that they themselves have had intuitive experiences or things happen that are greater than coincidence. Ask yourself how your beliefs make you feel, do they make you feel powerless and at the mercy of unseen forces? Or like the powerful being that you are, aware and in charge of your own destiny?

Learn to trust your hunches ~ Observe what’s happening in your environment and how you feel. Record any intuitive ‘hits’ or ideas you have, however small, in your journal. Review your ‘intuitive hits’ journal and get a sense of how often you were right or even close. Practice your intuition on the small things; practice ‘sensing people’, consult your ‘body compass’ to assess what ‘feels right’- feel don’t think.

I know this is easier said than done when we have a lifetime of habitual thinking to overcome. When we have been told not to act impulsively and to always think carefully about our actions and the consequences they will bring. But when you look at all the times you’ve had a hunch or a gut feeling and it’s turned out to be right, then you start to see that you really can trust yourself. If you have a clear mind, not preoccupied with the past or the future, then you have access to untold wisdom and guidance.

Practice using these invisible ‘super-powers’ in your day-to-day life, and have fun with it! ‘Tell’ your dogs in your mind, which path to take on their walks; try automatic writing by asking a question with a pen and paper to hand, and then just letting the answers flow onto the paper; use Oracle Cards and draw a card to contemplate every day; focus your thoughts on a particular animal or thing and then watch for it to pop up in your physical experience.

Take care of yourself energetically ~ Be conscious of what you are ‘keeping in’ your energy field. This includes the quality of what you eat, drink, the people you are around, information from the mass media and even your thoughts! Spend time in nature. Get enough sleep. Be sure that each area of your life is in alignment with your inner values.

It really does matter the quality of the energy that makes up your life experience. Everything in this life is a vibrational energy field, as are we. Everything has a frequency that interacts with your energy field and affects your energetic frequency. The frequency of our thoughts is particularly important and mediates how we interact with different energies. So whether your body reacts well to something in your environment is largely dependant upon your thoughts and expectations surrounding that experience. Whatever you do, feel good about it and avoid thoughts of self-judgment that make you feel bad: As the late Wayne Dyer would say, “Every thought you have can be assessed in terms of whether it strengthens or weakens you”.

Our inner values are closely tied to our beliefs and like them, often remain unseen until we pull them out into the light! When we consciously assess what are core values are, it becomes much easier to live in alignment with them, as we are now acting from a conscious decision rather than from a default setting. It also gives us the opportunity to take a close look at what these values are, where we got them from and whether or not they support us, and the life we want to live.

Employ your subconscious while you sleep ~ Listen to hypnosis or guided meditation sessions before bed. Choose those that focus on developing intuition or opening your third eye. Keep a dream journal next to your bed to record and later contemplate your dreams. Sit with the metaphors that your subconscious offers up to you and ask yourself what they mean to you and how they are related to your journey.

There are many kinds of ‘brain tuning’ audio tracks on YouTube these days. You can choose from guided meditations, hypnosis tracks (for example you could search for ‘hypnosis intuition’), Solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats and sounds of different frequencies designed to entrain with the brainwaves. The period between full wakefulness and sleep is said to be like a magical door to our subconscious, experiment with what makes you feel good!

Ask for help ~ Our guides, angels and helpers are around us just waiting for us to ask for help. Because free will is so important to us, they will rarely intervene without our request. Remember that we have a ‘Soul Team’ in the non-physical plane. They help by lining up synchronicities, bringing opportunities and inspiring us with creative solutions. If you don’t feel you are ‘receiving’ or ‘hearing’ anything, ask them to make it clearer or send you a sign that you won’t miss. It’s up to you then to keep your eyes open and notice what they bring.

It’s almost impossible for us to get our heads around the fact that we are multi-dimensional beings. When we are so focused on a physical reality, as we all are here in our human experience, it’s easy to forget that there is more to it than meets the eye. But ‘suspend your disbelief’ as they say, and at least entertain the idea that you can ask and receive help. Then try it!

If we have a mind quiet enough to hear, then our guides and helpers and our higher-self will get in touch. When this happens your intuition will expand and develop to a point where you can trust it more than any of your other senses!

Tell us in the comments below what has been your experience with your intuition? Has it ‘saved you’? Do you trust it? How are you developing it? I look forward to hearing your stories!

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