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Phee Nugent - Animal Communicator

Thank you for visiting the Animal TLC website.

My name is Phee Nugent and I'm a British ex-pat living in Japan.

I came to Animal Communication through a life-long love of animals and a long-held interest in healing. In my 20’s I underwent training for mediumship, hands-on healing and as a healer-councillor, and in the early 2000’s I studied NLP and qualified as a Life Coach.


Over the years my fascination with spirituality and the workings of the universe has grown, as has my interest in energy medicine and my study of non-traditional healing practices.


Animal Communication for me, brings together my love of all creatures, my desire to ease suffering where I can, and my wish to be of service to a higher good.


Im here to help people connect with the animals in their lives in deeper and more meaningful ways. Animal Communication can address both ‘physical-world issues and more spiritual themes too. In this way, I believe our animals guide us to becoming better versions of who we are.

I also offer Spiritual Life Coaching services, which you can find out more about on the Coaching page.

I look forward to working with you!


Animal communicator Phee Nugent lovebirds

Animal communication helps established pets to accept and welcome new family members

Kayak with dog. Animal communicator Phee Nugent kayak Japan

Good communication makes it fun to go on adventures with our pets

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