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Phee Nugent
Animal Communicator

Thank you for visiting my website!


My name is Phee Nugent and Im a British ex-pat living in Japan. I live on the Southern island of Kyushu, with my partner, two dogs and a bird.


I’m from the county of Devon, in the rural countryside of South West England, but for more than 20 years I have made my home here in Japan. Armed with a degree in Education I came to teach for a couple of years, or so I thought, but within months I fell in love with this beautiful country. Now, with a Masters in Applied Linguistics, I’m a Professor at a women’s university.


Communication, all types of communication, intrigues me; between people, between cultures and now, between species.


I came to Animal Communication through a life-long love of animals and a long-held interest in healing. In my early 20’s I underwent training for mediumship, hands-on healing and as a healer-councillor. 


Over the years my fascination with spirituality and the workings of the universe has grown, as has my interest in energy medicine and my study of non-traditional healing practices.


Animal Communication for me, brings together these experiences, my love of all creatures, my desire to ease suffering where I can, and my wish to be of service to a higher good.


Now that I have turned my focus to working with animals, I have directed the healing skills I learned for people towards the creatures with whom we share our lives.


My aim with this website is to connect with people and their animal friends and to

be bridge offering a deeper way of understanding each other

To be of service to the animal kingdom is my passion and as well as working with animals directly, I also support animal charities when I can.

If you have been thinking about supporting animals in some way, but don’t know which charity to choose, may I suggest either Companion Animal Trust Nippon (CATNIP), a Fukuoka based NPO, or Heart Tokushima, a rescue centre located in Shikoku, Japan. Both these charities were founded and are run by foreign animal lovers, Nick May from the UK and Susan Mercer of Canada respectively. For more details and their contact information please visit their homepages



Thank you! Animal charities really do depend on the support and generosity of fellow animal lovers!


My hope is to make Animal Communication more widely known and available, addressing both 'physical-world' issues and more spiritual themes too. Additionally, teaching people how to communicate with animals themselves promotes the understanding of how sentient and spiritually conscious our animal friends really are. With this knowledge comes great responsibility, and an awareness that the creatures of this world deserve our deepest love and respect.


Animal communicator Phee Nugent lovebirds

Animal communication helps established pets to accept and welcome new family members

Kayak with dog. Animal communicator Phee Nugent kayak Japan

Good communication makes it fun to go on adventures with our pets

When dogs understand the 'whys' of our expectations, they are often happy to cooperate

Talking to animals, talk to pets, talk to dogs
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