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Animal Communication Services

How it works and what you pay

Once you have booked a communication, this is what happens. I take some time to prepare – reading your notes and planning how to approach the communication. I then meditate and connect with your animal. Each animal is different – just like people. Some are chatty and cheerful, while others are surprised by the contact, or wary. So the time this takes can be variable. Once rapport has been established, I open with general questions about wellbeing (like chatting to someone you’ve never met before) before moving on to your questions or issues. The time it takes for these things to be addressed is – once again – difficult to gauge. Some things are simply resolved, while others involve a longer negotiation. For this reason the communication report you receive may be lengthy or quite short. Rest assured that however long it takes, the issues you raise will be discussed, although do remember that communicators do not issue orders to animals, but are here to open a conversation between you and your companion which will hopefully, result in a harmonious outcome for you both.

Because the session is held remotely, you or your animal friend don't have to do anything special.

A single communication session is good for one or two animals, for any more please purchase a bundle.

You will receive a pdf. of the communication session, which you will be able to ask follow-up questions about.

If you would like to add a Reiki session, please select the appropriate button. Reiki involves a further healing connection with your animal friend following the communication session. For more information about Reiki, check the FAQ's. Check the Samples page for previous communications I have done, so that you can see what sort of report to expect.  

I look forward to helping you and your animal friends!

Disclaimer: As Im sure you already know, Animal Communication and Reiki are not a replacement for veterinary care. If you think your animal friend is sick then you must seek professional help.

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Animal Communication Sessions

Single session $97.00

Single session with Reiki $117.00

Three-session bundle $231.00 

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Pet Bereavement Counseling

• Hourly rate of $ 147.00   • Video Messenger call

If you have lost – or are preparing to lose – an animal friend, you will find guidance and comfort in bereavement counseling that is informed by, and includes, the animal in question.   

Even in their passing they can continue to teach us. They lead us to new perspectives on suffering, death and how to live life.

This service is available via video call. It is designed to guide you through this difficult time and to help you deal with the feelings we all commonly experience at this time – grief, guilt, anger and sadness.

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To anyone whose dog is sick and especially to anyone who is traversing their beloved pet's end-of-life experience, I can't recommend Phee enough. She made what was a traumatic 24 hours a much less harrowing experience by being able to communicate Ossie's feelings about staying alive to me and I can't express how much of a comfort it was and how much it helped me to make the decision to let him go. It has also eased the mourning process. If you know anyone who has to make a difficult medical or end-of-life (for an animal!) decision, I urge you to contact Phee.I can't recommend Animal Communication, and Phee highly enough. Obviously my needs were quite extreme, given the circumstances.

However, I think that anyone who values their connection with their pet and has a question or a problem, no matter how seemingly innocuous, would benefit from helping their best friend to communicate. I would especially, recommend her end-of-life guidance because that is when communication really can be a matter of life and death. Choosing, with her help and Ossie's input, how best to end his life was both empowering and a privilege at a time when one can feel powerless. Giving him the send off he deserved and knowing that he wanted it too, made all the difference to what might otherwise have been an extremely traumatic day and subsequent mourning period. If your dog is sick, or dying - this is the best investment you can make for peace of mind.    (Lizzie & Ossie)

How to get the most out of your Animal Communication session

To get the most out of your session it’s important that you have realistic expectations of what an Animal Communicator can do. I can’t force your dog, cat or any other animal to do something or stop doing something. Animals have their own free will, just as we do, and it is unreasonable to expect them to automatically fall into line with all of our wishes. Often, however, undesirable behaviours are based on a misunderstanding they hold or are a reflection or exaggeration of our own actions and energies.

Sometimes physical issues are to blame which can be uncovered through talking with your companion, and where a problem is emotional or due to stress, just the act of being heard can itself ease the situation.

In most cases, it is possible to explain and clarify the issues for the animal and then to negotiate a change. You as caretaker, however, must be willing to recognize and honor your animal’s perspective and ideally, be prepared to modify their environment or routine if necessary. Being the guardian of an animal-angel is a huge responsibility!

Another point to be kept in mind is that Animal Communicators are never 100% right, all of the time.  Just as with any other mode of communication, there are sometimes elements that get lost in translation or are misconstrued. After a communication, I always ask that you think carefully and ponder your animal friend’s message over some days; it is often only with reflection that, suddenly, the penny drops into place!


Ultimately, my aim is that you and your animal companions achieve an even greater level of closeness, mutual understanding and love and if I can facilitate this in any way at all, it is my deep honor.

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