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Spiritual Life Hack Coaching

Spiritual Life Hacks

What is a Spiritual Life Hack? Good question! Well, it may be useful to look at the definition of ‘Life Hack’. According to the dictionary, a Life Hack is, “A strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way”. So what then, is a Spiritual Life Hack? A Spiritual Life Hack is the exact same thing, except it is aimed at an aspect of our spiritual life rather than our material life. Subjects such as how to use the universal laws, for example the Law of Attraction, questions concerning how to approach the challenges of relationships and difficult situations from a more spiritual perspective, and answering the famous question posed by the great teacher Neale Donald Walsch, “What does this have to do with the agenda of my Soul?”


We have so many questions and conundrums on our spiritual

journey and sometimes it feels like were walking this path

alone. A Spiritual Life Hack is like a bridge that suddenly

appears through the mist. A bridge that takes us out of a

certain level of awareness and perceived reality, helps us to

open our mind to see things in another way and lands us on

the other side with a new perspective and a deeper


Ive been on my own conscious spiritual journey for more than

40 years and more and more these days I find myself saying,

“I wish I'd known that 20 years ago!”

So I’ve decided to specialize in Spiritual Life Hacks and offer

people the guidance that I wish I’d had access to on my spiritual journey.

I’ve called them ‘hacks’ because they are useful strategies you can put into play to make understanding your life path easier.


Im not saying that Spiritual Life Hacks are a shortcut to spiritual ‘awakening’ and I cant promise you transformation, but what I can give you, are the tools and approaches that I used to help me to transform. 

Its my intention with a Spiritual Life Hack, to give you a moment where you may be able to realize a new perspective. If we change our perspective, everything changes and we can experience a shift in our consciousness. This shifting of our consciousness can often be the path to a deeper spiritual understanding. 

If nothing else, a new perspective can give us new beliefs, and new beliefs give us a new way of thinking, and new thinking brings new results. So if you are at the stage in your spiritual development where you feel stuck, or actually if you feel that way in any aspect of your life as they are all interconnected, then get in touch and I’ll share some of the Spiritual Life Hacks that have helped me to make sense of the world. 


Now its one thing to take a look at them, to talk about them, or to make notes about them in your journal, but its a completely different thing altogether to actually put them into practice. I realize that assimilating a new habit into your life can be challenging when we are all so busy and sometimes living our lives unconsciously, but if you have things that you’d like to see change, if you feel you’re on a plateau on your spiritual journey, and if you really want to cross that bridge to the next level of understanding, choose one of the Spiritual Like Hacks and give it a go. Embrace it, practice it and give it a chance to make a difference in your life. Allow it to open your mind, reflect how this new way of looking at things can change your experience and let it bring a shift to your consciousness.

Spiritual Life Hack Coaching includes Video sessions to address:

• Spiritual Life Hacks for your specific challenges                   • Seeing blessings in difficult situations & relationships

• Tarot & Oracle Card readings and discussions                       • Journaling and accountability

• How to advance using the Law of Attraction                          • Work to release fears and blocks

• Realize your next steps on your spiritual journey                  • Reiki and EFT sessions

  60 minute Life Hack Coaching session - $150.00.                        3-Session Package - $427.00





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A Spiritual Life Hack is like a bridge that suddenly appears through the mist

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