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Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life Coaching is a form of coaching that focuses on guiding you towards a deeper understanding of your spirituality and how it intersects with your daily life. It involves exploring your beliefs, values, purpose, and connection to something greater than your everyday self, whether that be a higher power, the universe, or your inner or higher self.

Spiritual Life Coaching assists in:

1.   Exploring and understanding your spiritual beliefs and practices

2.   Identifying and aligning your actions with your spiritual values and goals

3.   Cultivating mindfulness, presence, and inner peace

4.   Overcoming obstacles and challenges on your life’s journey

5.   Connecting with your intuition and inner wisdom

6.   Finding meaning and purpose in life

This type of coaching can benefit you if you are seeking guidance, clarity, and support on your spiritual path, regardless of your religious or philosophical background. It aims to empower you to live a more authentic, fulfilling, and spiritually aligned life.

We can have so many questions about our spiritual journey and sometimes it feels like we’re walking this path alone.

Spiritual Life Coaching is like a bridge that suddenly appears through the mist. A bridge that takes us out of a certain level of awareness and perceived reality, helps us to open our mind to see things in another way and lands us on the other side with a new perspective and a deeper understanding.

A new perspective can give us new beliefs, and new beliefs give us a new way of thinking, and new thinking brings new results. So if you are at the stage in your spiritual development where you feel stuck, or actually if you feel that way in any aspect of your life, as they are all interconnected, then get in touch and I’ll share some of the approaches and wisdom that have helped me to make sense of the world. 

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Spiritual Life Coaching is like a bridge that suddenly appears through the mist

I’ve been on my own conscious spiritual journey for more than 40 years and more and more these days I find myself saying, “I wish I’d known that 20 years ago!” For this reason I have decided to offer Spiritual Life Coaching and to give the guidance that I wish I’d had access to on my own spiritual journey.

Spiritual Life Coaching is via recorded video chat and addresses topics such as:

• Realizing the next steps on your spiritual journey

• Understanding and using the Law of Attraction        

• Seeing blessings in difficult situations and relationships 

• Working to release fears and blocks 

Coaching sessions can also include:

• Journaling for self-expression and accountability

• Spiritual life-hacks for your specific challenges                  
• Tarot & Oracle Card readings and discussions                      
• Reiki healing and EFT tapping sessions 


Contact me for a free 10-minute Discovery Call and book your Coaching session through the Contact page.

Spiritual Life Coaching (60 mins) $ 150.00

3-Session Bundle $ 400.00 


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