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Animals and Our Spiritual Journey

Animal Communication for Spiritual Advancement

Are you drawn to Animal Communication because you want to find out more about the spiritual aspects of our relationships with animals? I am too!

The creatures in our lives, whether they are our pets or wild animals we cross paths with, are drawn to us energetically. The impact they have upon us is like with any of our relationships - sometimes it’s deep and long-lasting, other times the ‘message’ seems relevant only for that specific moment.


If you are wondering whether you and your animal friend have a Soul Contract, the answer is that you do! We have soul contracts of varying importance with everyone in our lives, human and non-human. 

When we have an important soul contract with our pet, we agree to come into physical form together to help with each other’s spiritual growth and development. The animals in our lives have unique perspectives, they can bring us deep and insightful messages often containing life-changing wisdom and guidance. If you are interested in finding out more about the soul connection between you and your animal friend be sure to mention your interest when you contact me.

This kind of communication can take place with with pets in spirit too.


Exploring the soul contracts we have with our animal friends, helps us to get a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of our relationship including the lessons and challenges that we are facing together. It often reveals the ‘whys’ behind their confusing behaviors or conditions and can give insights into the next steps of our own spiritual journey.

For more about how animals help us on our Soul’s path, please check out my Facebook group,

Animals and Our Spiritual Journey’ (sorry, women only). 

Here, we talk about all aspects of this fascinating topic!

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Animal Communication Session $97.00

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