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Animal Spiritual Guidance

Pet Spiritual Guidance 


If you are wondering whether you and your animal companion have a Soul Contract, the answer is that you do! We have soul contracts of varying importance with everyone in our lives, human and non-human. Pet Spiritual Guidance Communication Sessions allow you to find out more about this aspect of your relationship and to get your animal friend’s unique perspective on your life and who you are.


The wisdom of our animal companions can help us to progress along our spiritual paths. Many people have important soul contracts with their pets, and agree to come into physical form together to help with each other's spiritual growth and development. When this is the case, the animals in our lives have profound lessons for us, if only we learn how to listen. From their unique perspectives, they bring us deep and insightful messages often containing life-changing wisdom and guidance. If you are interested in finding out more about the soul connection between you and your animal friend and how you can enhance each other's spiritual journey, then a Pet Spiritual Guidance Session is best for you.

At the start of this session an Animal Oracle card will be drawn from either

'Your Animal's Oracle', 'Pet Oracle' or 'Animal Conversation Cards'. This card

will give you a direct message from your animal friend. These messages can

range from day-to-day concerns that reflect the physical aspects of life, to

deeper, more personal spiritual issues.


Then I will ask a specific question on your behalf to focus the enquiry of the

communication session as I connect. Questions such as “What are you here to

help me with?” “What am I here to help you with?” “What guidance can you

give me about ~ ?” “How can we deepen our spiritual relationship?” work

particularly well and can open up a soulful and meaningful dialogue with your animal friend. 


This session explores the soul contract you have with your animal friend. It will help you to get a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of your relationship including the lessons and challenges that you are facing together.

Spiritual guidance from your pet often reveals the ‘whys’ behind their confusing behaviors or conditions and can often give insights into the next steps of your own spiritual journey.


 If you are interested in your animal friend’s unique perspective on your Soul’s journey, then please choose this kind of communication session.



Animal Spiritual Guidance 


Not only can our pets pass on their wisdom to us through Animal Communication

sessions, but animals can also act as guides, helpers and ‘Totem’ animals. 


Noticing the animals in our environment and seeing their behaviours and our

interactions with them as symbols and metaphors of the prevailing energy can

give us great insights into our personal circumstances. In this way, every animal

that we encounter can be considered a guide and helper.


Totem animals and animal guides are spirit beings that are drawn to us by the

nature of our vibration. As aspects of their vibration match aspects of ours, we

are able to receive particular insights and flashes of inspiration to assist us on our

spiritual journey. Such messages enable us to open our eyes to the learning and

growth opportunities of our situation. 


To help you to tap into this amazing spiritual resource, I am excited to be able to

offer Oracle Card Readings as a way of connecting you with your Totem animals

and guides!


The reading is called Three Voices Communication and draws from three different

decks of Animal Oracle Cards. You have the choice of a Live reading over Skype, or

to receive a pdf. You will also get pictures of the cards drawn.


Three Voices Communication

First, a 7-card spread will be drawn to determine your overall situation as seen

from the higher perspective of your animal guides. The reading offers suggestions

for what to open yourself up to, what you need to let go of and the actions that can

be taken immediately.


Next a card is drawn from 'Animal Messenger Cards' for a deeper look and to give

you something to ponder further. 

This deck is particularly good for providing deep wisdom that will guide you

towards a fuller understanding of your current situation.


Finally, a ‘Totem animal’ will come forward to help you to call in the energies that

you most need right now. 

This Totem offers something to keep in mind as you go about your everyday life. As

a message of encouragement, it will offer additional clarity, deepening your

awareness and helping you to evolve into the highest vibrational being you can be.

This session draws wisdom and guidance from the collective consciousness of

animals and is good for insights and questions concerning your spiritual path or

way forward, especially if you are open to the wisdom of animals but don’t have

any pets yourself at the moment.

For more about how animals help us on our Soul's path, please check out my new

Facebook group, 'Animals and Our Spiritual Journey'. Here, we will be talking

about all aspects of this fascinating topic!

Bridging the gap between people and the spiritual wisdom of animals is my

particular passion. If you want to start tapping into this amazing spiritual resource

and benefit from the unique perspectives, guidance and wisdom of the animals

around us, please choose an Animal Spiritual Guidance Communication session

or a Three Voices Communication Session.

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Pet Spiritual Guidance Communication Session $147.00 

Animal Spiritual Guidance Session (Three Voices Oracle Card  Reading)

Live  $77.00                                         pdf. $55.00