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Loved by the Trees

I think most people would think me crazy if I admitted openly to talking with trees! But here I am in 2021, coming out of the tree-talking closet and admitting it to you all. I’m banking on it not being too much more of a stretch since you are here on my Animal Communication website page!

If you know anything about Animal Communication you’ll know that we communicators are talking with a consciousness as well as an animal. This means we understand that every living thing has a consciousness. It’s up to the individual communicator’s personal beliefs how far they take that concept out into the world. Some of us see humans and animals, insects and other so called ‘sentient’ beings as candidates for communication. Others like myself, extend this courtesy to plants, trees, and even rocks, crystals and other ‘non-sentient’ beings. It seems many people associate consciousness with sentience, and judge sentience by how quickly the being moves in and out of physical form. Seems like a random assumption to me.

With today’s understanding of quantum reality and the spooky stuff that scientists explain as quantum entanglement, we can all agree that (a) we are all made of the same stuff, and (b) that we are all connected - thank you Big Bang, God, or whichever other Sky-Daddy you relate to. And if indeed a universal life-force or spirit runs through all of it, and I mean ALL of it, or should I say all of US, then that rock over there is as sentient as I am in some beautiful, albeit invisible, way.

I like this idea more than I can put into words. The only way I can get my head around how the quantum field is, according to the research, malleable by the power of our intention, or actually even our observation, is to live my life as if this were indeed true. One of my fundamental beliefs is that what we believe comes into our reality, and this seems to go hand-in-hand with this approach. So what has this got to do with talking with trees, you may ask? Well, in defining what is conscious, you are defining what you open yourself up to. And the wider you cast this net, the bigger the ocean of wisdom you are fishing in.

So when I walk in the forest near my house, I am open to the whisperings of the trees. Not only the music of their leaves swishing in the wind, but their occasional voices that seem to wash into my mind, like the sound of waves on a distant beach. I am always open to this, although it doesn’t happen as often as I'd like. It seems my mind is most often noisy with thoughts of bird songs and loving and appreciating my dogs as we enjoy this wonderful place. Beautiful thoughts, but thoughts nonetheless.

Then one day last week, a beam of sunshine coming from between the leaves stopped me in my tracks. It was so magical that for those few moments I was held transfixed and all thinking fell away. I could do nothing but feast my eyes and breathe it in, and as I did so the words “We have healing for you” washed over me in a wave of knowing. It was what my friend Sarah would call a “heart-opening moment”.

The moment came and passed and the dogs were tugging me again, knowing the next smell would be more interesting than the last. I didn’t think of this again until a video popped onto my YouTube feed of some crazy scientist talking about how ‘forest-bathing’ boosts human natural killer cells. Forest-bathing is called ‘shinrin-yoku’ in Japan and is a well known idea, and so I had heard of it before. But previously, I had put the positive effects down to de-stressing and the associated decrease of cortisol this brings. In reality, it has been found that the essential oils emitted by trees contain compounds that increase our killer cell activity and number, which leads to a stronger immune system and disease fighting power.

These substances, called phytoncides, are part of the trees’ own immune system and move into our bloodstream boosting our immune system for up to seven days. Check out the video for yourself and see how amazing all this is.

I guess all you aromatherapists out there already knew this to be true.

So now when I go into the forest, I go with a new awareness, a deeper gratitude and a profound sense of awe. I breathe deeper than I used to and I take the time to lean against my favorite tree. But even better than this beautiful gift of the trees, is the fact that I was still enough to receive this message and the fact that they wanted to talk to me. I feel blessed, I feel loved by the trees.


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