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I understand that clients feel more comfortable using my services when they can see that others have had positive experiences working with me. Please enjoy reading some testimonials of past communication sessions.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

The communication was both entertaining and poignant. I did not find Rex but that was not because I did not get excellent information. So many things you told me were things that were very specific to Rex. He escaped into the garden and although I never found him, your communication with him was SO specific to him, and incredibly enlightening for me.

To anyone considering Animal Communication, you have NOTHING to lose. Please take this amazing opportunity to communicate with the animals you already love in a whole new way. 

(Belinda & Rex)

Phee helped us to communicate with our lovable, but very opinionated and vocal, Corgi Dewi. Just based on a photo, she gave us some great suggestions about Dewi. Her insight was incredible! Cannot recommend her enough!

(Cindy & Dewi)

TO ALL DOG LOVERS and PET OWNERS To anyone whose dog is sick and especially to anyone who is traversing their beloved pet's end-of-life experience, I can't recommend Phee enough. She made what was a traumatic 24 hours a much less harrowing experience by being able to communicate Ossie's feelings about staying alive to me and I can't express how much of a comfort it was and how much it helped me to make the decision to let him go. It has also eased the mourning process. If you know anyone who has to make a difficult medical or end-of-life (for an animal!) decision, I urge you to contact Phee.

I can't recommend Animal Communication, and Phee highly enough. Obviously my needs were quite extreme, given the circumstances. However, I think that anyone who values their connection with their pet and has a question or a problem, no matter how seemingly innocuous, would benefit from helping their best friend to communicate. I would especially, recommend her end-of-life guidance because that is when communication really can be a matter of life and death. Choosing, with her help and Ossie's input, how best to end his life was both empowering and a privilege at a time when one can feel powerless. Giving him the send off he deserved and knowing that he wanted it too, made all the difference to what might otherwise have been an extremely traumatic day and subsequent mourning period. If your dog is sick, or dying - this is the best investment you can make for peace of mind.

(Lizzie & Ossie)

I found the communication to be very comforting and meaningful. Although one might think that there could be a lot of generalities, it felt to me like it was Gracie speaking to me.

(Ellen & Gracie)

Phee is AMAZING!! She communicated with my cat after he peed on my hubbys side of the bed the morning he left on a work trip! 
She communicated with Kato, and she gave me advice on what Kato needed and it WORKED!!!!

(Sara & Kato)


Buddy didn’t want to cover his 'business' after using the litter-tray, he said, because "he didn’t have to". He communicated to Phee that I should talk to him so I did, and then he covered it 5 minutes later!

After the communication session, I feel like we have a much closer bond and I highly recommend this service as it brings you and your pets closer together.

(Laura and Buddy & Baxter)



Phee effected a wonderful change on my dog's behaviour. 

The change was immediate and amazing. Rosie was running away about once every two weeks and having to be brought back by strangers. I'm elderly and could not run after her so was terrified that she would be killed on a road or stolen. But since Phee communicated with her, she has barely left my side. It has been over a month now and Rosie has been so good at staying close to me when off the lead. Phee said she needed stimulation between walks to work off some of her energy, so now I let her tear up old newspapers under my chair, which she loves to do. I also have a snuffle mat where I can hide treats for her, to keep her occupied in the house. However, the improvement in her behaviour came before I provided any sort of stimulation, which I find remarkable.

I'm so grateful to Phee. I can't believe it made the difference it did but it did. I am in awe of her skill. It only took one session to change Rosie's behaviour and I'm amazed. 

(Gill & Rosie)

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