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Pet Bereavement Counseling









How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. - Winnie The Pooh

Pet Bereavement Counseling


Non-human bereavement and loss can feel much the same as when a person dies, except in some ways it can cut us deeper. It may be that our animal friend knew us in a way that no one else does, or that we spent more time together than with anyone else, or even that it’s just not as acceptable to mourn the loss of a pet as it is the loss of a person, and we’re told it’s time to ‘get over it’.


Losing a pet can bring a complicated web of emotions too. We can feel not only sadness and grief, but also guilt and responsibility, especially when an accident or euthanasia is involved.

Emotional recovery from the passing of a pet is often slow due to factors such as these. Apart from that, we hurt so much because we love them so much. 


I know how you feel. I understand your pain, and I’m here to tell you that you do not have to go through this alone. 

Pet Bereavement Counseling offers you tools and practices to support your emotional healing and recovery. You will be introduced to new perspectives that will allow you to accept and find peace with your situation gracefully.

Tools such as EFT tapping, meditation and Reiki will bring down the intensity of your grief, while learning how to use your inbuilt ‘Emotional Guidance System’ will show you the way to move forward and empower your self-healing. 


When our beloved animals go back to spirit it can seem like the end of happiness. Allow me to show you the way out of this feeling. Allow me to show you how your recovery can honor the passing of your animal friend and can contribute to your own spiritual journey.

Pet Spiritual Guidance 


If you are wondering whether you and your animal companion have a Soul Contract, the answer is that you do! We have soul contracts of varying importance with everyone in our lives, human and non-human. Pet Spiritual Guidance Communication Sessions allow you to find out more about this aspect of your relationship and to get your animal friend’s unique perspective on your life and who you are.


The wisdom of our animal companions can help us to progress along our spiritual paths. Many people have important soul contracts with their pets, and agree to come into physical form together to help with each other's spiritual growth and development. When this is the case, the animals in our lives have profound lessons for us, if only we learn how to listen. From their unique perspectives, they bring us deep and insightful messages often containing life-changing wisdom and guidance. If you are interested in finding out more about the soul connection between you and your animal friend and how you can enhance each other's spiritual journey, then a Pet Spiritual Guidance Session is best for you.

At the start of this session an Animal Oracle card will be drawn from either

Your Animals Oracle, Pet Oracle or Animal Conversation Cards. This card

will give you a direct message from your animal friend. These messages can

range from day-to-day concerns that reflect the physical aspects of life, to

deeper, more personal spiritual issues.


Then I will ask a specific question on your behalf to focus the enquiry of the

communication session as I connect. Questions such as “What are you here to

help me with?” “What am I here to help you with?” “What guidance can you

give me about ~ ?” “How can we deepen our spiritual relationship?” work

particularly well and can open up a soulful and meaningful dialogue with your animal friend. 


This session explores the soul contract you have with your animal friend. It will help you to get a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of your relationship including the lessons and challenges that you are facing together.

Spiritual guidance from your pet often reveals the ‘whys’ behind their confusing behaviors or conditions and can often give insights into the next steps of your own spiritual journey.


 If you are interested in your animal friend’s unique perspective on your Soul’s journey, then please choose this kind of communication session.




For more about how animals help us on our Souls path, please check out my Facebook group, Animals and Our Spiritual Journey (sorry, women only). Here, we will be talking about all aspects of this fascinating topic!

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Pet Spiritual Guidance Communication    $147.00 

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Pet Bereavement Counseling        $147.00

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