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Welcome to the Amazing World of
Animal Communication!

My name is Phee Nugent and as an Animal Communicator, my role is to facilitate a deeper connection between animals and us - their humans.

Animals are sentient and complex beings with their own agendas and spiritual paths. They become our friends, our helpers and our teachers. They make great efforts to learn how to communicate with us, and through Animal Communication, we can do even more for them.

Do you ever wonder what your beloved pets are thinking or how much they understand you? Would you like to ask them why they do certain things or how you could make their lives better? Animal Communication answers these questions thanks to a mind-to-mind exchange of information that can be done in person or remotely. All a Communicator needs to get started is a photo of your animal friend and their name.

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

Read what my clients have said on these pages and judge for yourself!

Animal communicator Phee Nugent

Good communication means a deeper connection with your animal friends


Phee helped us to communicate with our lovable, but very opinionated and vocal Corgi, Dewi. Just based on a photo, she gave us some great suggestions about Dewi. Her insight was incredible! Cannot recommend her enough.

(Cindy & Dewi)

How can Animal Communication help?

Undesirable behaviors are often due to misunderstandings, and we can misinterpret pets’ natural desires or impulses as being naughty or willful. Animal Communication helps our animal friends to understand our expectations of them and is a great way to find solutions and harmony.

Buddy didn’t want to cover his ‘business’ after using the litter-tray, he said, because “He didn’t have to”. He communicated to Phee that I should talk to him, so I did, and then he covered it 5 minutes later! After the communication session, I feel like we have a much closer bond and I highly recommend this service as it brings you and your pets closer together.

(Laura & Buddy)

Health issues Animal Communication is never a substitute for veterinary care, but physical well-being can always be addressed. When sensitive pets are worried or distressed about something they can manifest a symptom or illness. Sometimes their physical conditions are mirror-reflections of emotional and physical challenges in our own lives. Talking to your companion can reveal and remedy these issues.

Stress Help your animal friends through times of change and transition. Alterations in their physical environment or in family dynamics, for example moving house, a divorce or the arrival of a new baby, can be confusing and traumatic. Explaining the situation to your pet and making clear any new expectations you have of them will ease their confusion and reduce their anxiety and fears of abandonment. This can be especially useful when a new animal is joining the household.

Phee is AMAZING!! She communicated with my cat after he peed on my hubby’s side of the bed the morning he left on a work trip. She communicated with Kato, and she gave me advice on what Kato needed and it WORKED!!!!

(Sara & Kato)

Enhance training When animals understand what we want them to do, and we convey it in a kind and respectful manner they become more enthusiastic, and learn more effectively through a collaborative approach.


Phee effected a wonderful change in my dog’s behaviour. 

Rosie was running away about once every two weeks and having to be brought back by strangers. I’m elderly and could not run after her so was terrified that she would be killed on a road or stolen. But since Phee communicated with her, she has barely left my side. The change was immediate and amazing. It has been over a month now and Rosie has been so good at staying close to me when off the lead.

Phee said she needed stimulation between walks to work off some of her energy, so now I let her tear up old newspapers under my chair, which she loves to do. I also have a snuffle mat where I can hide treats for her, to keep her occupied in the house. However, the improvement in her behaviour came before I provided any sort of stimulation, which I find remarkable.

I’m so grateful to Phee. I can't believe it made the difference it made, but it did. I am in awe of her skill. It only took one session to change Rosie’s behaviour and I’m amazed. 

(Gill & Rosie)

End of life Understanding how your friend feels about returning to spirit is useful and comforting at what is always a difficult time. Knowing how to recognize when they have had enough of being in their physical bodies will help you to make, and feel better about, those difficult decisions that pet-parents sometimes have to make.

I found the communication to be very comforting and meaningful. Although one might think that there could be a lot of generalities, it felt to me like it was Gracie speaking to me.

(Ellen & Gracie-Lu)

Lost animals Although I do not work with lost animals myself, many Animal Communicators have great success in finding missing pets. If you have a lost an animal, I will recommend an Animal Communicator who can help you.

Wild animals When we encounter wild animals that encroach upon our modern living situations and cause us  problems, we call them ‘pests’. Although they have every right to live their lives just as we do, they are seen as undesirable. Often, snakes, hornets and other such creatures can be negotiated with to move on.


Spiritual advancement – my personal passion! As animals stay connected to their collective consciousness more than we humans do, they have access to a great deal of knowledge and wisdom from this realm. We have Soul Contracts with our animal companions and so we incarnate into physical form and work on expanding our consciousness together. If you would like to find out more about working with your animal friend on a soul level more consciously, then be sure to state this when you contact me. To find our more about the spiritual aspects of our relationships with our animal friends, read the Animals and Our Spiritual Journey section.

Just because Despite all these amazing things Animal Communication can help with, many people just want to find out how their animal friends feel and what they are thinking.

Scout snow-page-001_edited.jpg

Phee ‘spoke’ with Pickle on a few occasions over the years and the results were so funny and in-keeping with her character that I could tell it was her. She was a stubborn, independent girl who always insisted ‘I’m no trouble!’ Close to the end Phee asked Pickle if she had a bucket list, and she said “I wish I could kill one more rat.” It was typical of her, as ratting was her greatest joy. The insights Phee gave me about Pickle definitely helped me a better friend to her through her life – all the way to the end.

(Becky and Pickle)

How it works and what you pay

Please check the services page and decide how I can help you best. Then, make payment through the secure PayPal system. After that, head over to the Contact page and send a recent photograph of your animal friend, ideally face-on showing his or her eyes. Submit any questions, issues or topics that you would like me to address. Also, please let me know their name, age and gender and how long you have been together. It’s useful for me to know about any other beings who share the household too. 

For your part, you don’t have to do anything more as the session will be conducted remotely. Sometimes animals will ease into a more relaxed state during the communication, and other times they will become quietly alert. You may or may not notice a change in your friend's behavior during the session, although you are very likely to after!

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