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Talk Listen


Welcome to the amazing world of Animal Communication!


Do you ever wonder what your beloved pets are thinking or how much they understand you? Would you like to ask them why they do certain things or how you could make their lives better? Animal Communication enables you to find out the answers to these questions. Yes, animals need Tender Loving Care, but let's also Talk Listen and Communicate with them.


Thank you for coming to the Animal TLC homepage, and for showing an interest in Animal Communication. Animal Communication is a mind-to-mind exchange of information and is a natural phenomenon that goes on all the time between people and the animals around them.


My name is Phee Nugent and as an Animal Communicator, my role is to facilitate a deeper connection between animals and their human guardians.


Whether you are seeking to enhance the relationship you already have with your animal friend, or you are searching for a solution to a challenge or problem, animal communication can often help. I say ‘often’ because our animal companions are not just pets, here to amuse and delight us, although of course they do, but are sentient and complex beings with their own agendas and spiritual paths.


The creatures of our world are different from us but no less than we are and we shouldn’t presume that they are at our disposal. That said, as we are drawn together our lives become intertwined and our animals become our friends, our helpers and our teachers. Our connections with them are physical, emotional and spiritual too as they reflect back to us the progress of our soul’s journey.




Animal communicator Phee Nugent

Mao and me enjoying a cool waterfall in summer.

Love Bird animal communication

Blouetjie the little blue Lovebird getting some Reiki.

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