Animal Communication Services

As I'm sure you already know, Animal Communication services are not a replacement for veterinary care. If you think your animal friend is sick then you must seek professional help.

Saying this, there are many areas where Animal Communication can absolutely help! For a 10 minute free 'Discovery Call' contact me on Messenger, (Phee Nugent), or Skype, or via the Animal TLC Facebook page. 

Please check the services I offer below. Decide how I can help you best and make payment through the secure PayPal system. Then head over to the Contact page and send a recent photograph of your animal friend, ideally face-on showing his or her eyes, and any questions, issues or topics that you would like me to address. Also, please let me know their name, age and gender and how long you have been together. It's also useful for me to know about any other beings that share the household. The times listed on the sessions include a meditation to connect with your animal friend, as well as the time it takes to transcribe the session. 

We can talk about what you hope the communication session will achieve during the Discovery Call, or you can give me your details in writing. 

I look forward to helping you and your animal friend!

Animal Communication Short Session

• 30 minutes $77.00  • With Reiki $93.00  • PDF

• The session involves up to 30 minutes of communication with your animal friend. 

• This is good as a quick check-in or as a follow-up session after a longer communication.

• It’s great for addressing specific behavioural or emotional issues that are not huge deep-seated problems. 

• This kind of session is also useful for preparing your animal friend for some upcoming change in your 

   family life or environment.

• Please specify if you would like a Reiki session added on.

• You will receive a recorded message about the communication.



Animal Communication Long Session

• 60 minutes $147.00    • With Reiki $163.00   • PDF

• The session involves up to 60 minutes of communication with your animal friend. 

• This session is good for a deeper understanding of any behavioral or emotional issues. It also can be 

   used for deepening your relationship with your animal friend. You can ask any kinds of questions and

   share any kinds of concerns.

• This can be used as one standard session or can be split between two animals in the same family.

• Please specify if you would like a Reiki session added on.

• You will receive a PDF of the communication.



Pet Spiritual Guidance

• 60 minutes $147.00    • Pet alive or in spirit    • PDF 

• This 60-minute session explores the soul contract you have with your animal friend and helps you to get

   a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of your relationship including the lessons and challenges       that you are facing together.

• Spiritual guidance from your pet often reveals the ‘whys’ behind their confusing behaviors or conditions       and can often give insights into the next steps of your own spiritual journey.

• Oracle card pull with a message from your pet

• Animal Communication with questions about your spiritual journey, such as “What are you here to help      me with?” “What am I here to help you with?” “What guidance can you give me about ~ ?” “How can we    deepen our spiritual relationship?”


Animal Spiritual Guidance
• 3 Voices Oracle Card reading   • Live (45 mins) or YouTube link $77.00 • pdf. $57.00

• This Oracle Card intuitive session draws wisdom and guidance from the collective consciousness of             


• Three different animal themed Oracle Card decks are used to tap into the energy of your situation and to

  draw messages from animal wisdom. 

• A 7-card spread, a draw for a deeper look, and a ‘Totem animal’ will come forward to help you to call in the    energies that you most need right now. 

• This session is good for insights and questions concerning your spiritual path or

  way forward, especially if you are open to the wisdom of animals but don’t have

  any pets yourself at the moment.



Spiritual Life Hack Coaching 
• 60 minutes $150.00     • 3-session package $427.00​

• A Spiritual Life Hack is a strategy or technique that you can use to make your life run more smoothly. It       

  will teach you how to look at the world with a new perspective. A new perspective leads to new beliefs,     

  new beliefs give you a new way of thinking, and new thinking brings a new life experience.

• Spiritual Life Hack Coaching is ideal for you if you are not sure of the way forward on your spiritual path,

  if you have reached a plateau or you seem to be going round and round and not able to change your life in

  the way that you want, or if you just need a new way of understanding the world. 

• Spiritual Life Hacks give you a way of opening your mind to the possibilities of living in alignment with 

  your higher-self. 

• When we live in alignment with our higher selves our lives flow with a deeper and more satisfying

  meaning, synchronicities occur and events seem to magically fall into place.

• This is how life is supposed to be, this is how life can be, and I wish this kind

  of joyful existence for you!

More information about Spiritual Life Hacks here.



What happens now?

How to get the most out of your session

The Animal Communication sessions will begin with a meditation after which I will energetically connect to your animal and telepathically ask the questions that you have submitted. Once I have connected to the animal we will discuss your concerns and what may be done to remedy the situation. We will uncover your animal’s perspective to find out how they feel and look at the reasons for any undesirable behaviors. I will explain your side of the situation and try to negotiate a solution if there is a problem.

If you have requested a Pet Spiritual Guidance Session, the questions I will ask will serve to uncover more about your spiritual journey together.

During the communication, I will write down our conversation and send it to you as a voice recording or a pdf.

If you requested Reiki then I will share Reiki with your animal friend, with you and with the situation as a whole.

For Spiritual Guidance and Coaching, we will make an appointment to meet online for our 1-to-1 session. Using Skype is an easy way to record and download the video call to your computer.


Animal communication talking with cats


To get the most out of your session it’s important that you have realistic expectations of what an Animal Communicator can do. Animal Communicators can’t make your dog, cat or any other animal do something or stop doing something. The beasts of this world have their own free will, just as we do, and it is unreasonable to expect them to automatically fall into line with all of our wishes. Often, however, undesirable behaviours are based on a misunderstanding they hold or are a reflection or exaggeration of our own actions and energies.


Sometimes physical issues are to blame which can be uncovered through talking with your companion, and where a problem is emotional or due to stress, just the act of being heard can itself ease the situation.


In most cases, it is possible to explain and clarify the issues for the animal and then to negotiate a change. You as caretaker, however, must be willing to recognize and honour your animal’s perspective and ideally, be prepared to modify your animal’s environment or routine if necessary. Being the guardian of an animal-angel is a huge responsibility!


Another point to be kept in mind is that Animal Communicators are never 100% right, all of the time.  Just as with any other mode of communication, there are sometimes elements that get lost in translation or are misconstrued. I ask that you think carefully and ponder your animal friend’s message over some days; it is often only with reflection that suddenly, the penny drops into place! Ultimately, my aim is that you and your animal companions achieve an even greater level of closeness, mutual understanding and love and if I can facilitate this in any way at all, it is my deep honour.