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What is
Animal Communication?

Animal or Interspecies Communication is a telepathic connection between human and animal. That means being able to connect mind-to-mind, even over a distance, and then to have a two-way information exchange.


In fact, everyone has the ability to communicate in this way. However, most people don’t realise it and many are out of touch with their intuitive abilities.


Animal Communicators commonly request a photograph of the animal, which helps them to make the telepathic connection. By quieting their inner talk they are able to hear the animals’ thoughts, see pictures projected into their mind’s eye and receive emotional impressions and physical sensations. Each communicator may work and receive information in a different way and animals too can differ in how they send their messages. Through practice these telepathic communication skills can be developed to a high level, opening a beautiful channel to the feelings, thoughts and emotional states of other species. 

Donkey sanctuary UK, donkey, talk with animals

Animal communication brings comfort and healing to shelter and sanctuary animals too

What are the benefits of Animal Communication?

Black masked lovebird, animal communication

A better understanding of our animal friends always deepens the relationship

Animal communication, St. Bernard

Show dogs and working animals benefit from animal communication sessions in many ways

Animal communication horses

Helping horses to navigate the changes and challenges they experience over their lives, is a satisfying strand of animal communication


We have important soul contracts with the animals in our lives

Animal communication can be especially useful in helping our animal friends to understand our complicated human ways and our expectations of them. Unwanted behaviours are often due to misunderstandings or misinterpretations, and sometimes we see their natural desires or impulses as being naughty or wilful. A harmonious and healthy relationship with our animal companions can be found somewhere between these two points and Animal Communication is a great way to reach this common ground. 


Health issues and physical well-being can also be addressed by communicating with animals, although please understand that Animal Communication is not a substitute for medical attention: Your companion may be able to describe a feeling or physical sensation without ever knowing why it may be so or what causes it.


Animal Communication is especially effective for sensitive animals and those with mysterious physical ailments or conditions. Often, when our pets are worried or distressed about something in their environment they will manifest a symptom or illness. Additionally, we share such a close energetic proximity with our pets that sometimes their physical conditions are mirror-reflections of emotional and physical challenges in our own lives. Talking to your companion can uncover and remedy these issues.


Animal Communication is also useful for preparing and assisting your animal companions through times of change and transition. Changes in their physical environment or in family dynamics, for example moving house, a divorce or the addition of another pet or a new baby, can be highly confusing and traumatic. Explaining the situation to your pet and making clear any new expectations you may have of them will ease their confusion and reduce their anxiety and fears of abandonment.


Animal Communication can also enhance training techniques and decrease the time it takes for an animal to learn how to do something. When they understand what we want them to do, and we convey it in a kind and respectful manner they become more enthusiastic and cooperative and effective learning takes place through a more collaborative approach.


Although I do not work with lost animals myself, many Animal Communicators have great success in finding missing pets. Pets can't tell their exact location to the Communicator, but they are often able to describe their surroundings and the journey they took to their current place. When these clues can be recognized and understood by the animal's person, then the animal can be found. If you have a lost pet, I will recommend an Animal Communicator who can help you.

Animal Communication can also be used for the purposes of spiritual advancement, and this is my personal passion! As animals stay connected to their collective consciousness more than we humans do, they have access to a great deal of knowledge and wisdom from this realm. Being connected to the collective consciousness or collective spirit is the same as being connected to Source. Not only this, but we have Soul Contracts with our animal companions and so we incarnate into physical form and work on expanding our consciousness together. Living with us, our pets get to realise their individuality and increase their self-awareness. In exchange, they remind us of important truths such as unconditional love and acceptance, being in the moment and living through joy. If you would like to find out more about working with your animal friend on a soul level more consciously, then please visit the Animal Spiritual Guidance page.


Despite all these amazing things Animal Communication can help with, many people just want to find out how their animal friends feel and what they are thinking. And what animal lover doesn't want a closer connection and a tighter bond with their companion?

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